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Using the Silverlight 5 PivotViewer with ArcGIS Silverlight

Pivot was originally released as a demonstration project that was a separate download from Silverlight itself. At version 5, Pivot becomes part of the Silverlight family. Pivot allows users the ability to visualize their data. Puts the power of filtering and grouping their data without the need to learn complex SQL statements. The original version of Pivot required you to have an XML representation of the data, and images that it would display. This required extra work for the developer, or web administrator to create this data from their data store. With Silverlight 5, you now have the ability to bind to any property that your class has. It also allows you the ability to create what’s known as trading cards with XAML. These cards replace the images you previously needed. You can even define at what stage you want a trading card to display. By defining different trading cards at different levels, you can give the user more information the more they filter down their data. When I... [More]